Welcome and conference opening
Dr. Matej Sulitka, Prof. Steffen Ihlenfeldt, Dr. Martin Mareš

Session on improving thermal robustness of machine tools through design changes

042 Control approaches for tempering machine tool frames with multiple fluid channels and limited, jointly used actuating variable
S. Mater, A. Hellmich, J. Popken, S. Ihlenfeldt

034 Thermal asymmetry analysis of motorized spindles
L. Koch, N. Steinbock, G. Krüger L. Koch, N. Steinbock, G. Krüger

035 Comparative analysis of fluid cooling systems in motorized spindles
L. Koch, K. Gross, G. Krüger L. Koch, K. Gross, G. Krüger

050 Characterization of heat conduction of eccentrically rotating heat pipes used for cooling motor spindles
B. Denkena, B. Bergmann, K. Kono, R. Ishiguro, H. Klemme B. Denkena, B. Bergmann, K. Kono, R. Ishiguro, H. Klemme

055 A novel design concept for a thermally stable linear scale using two different materials
T. H. Lee, H. Gim, S. Oh, T. Gotthardt, A. Schmetz, D. Zontar, C. Brecher

039 Efficient and robust creation of structural component models for thermo-elastic analysis of machine tools
S. Schroeder, S. Ihlenfeldt, L. Penter

053 Assisted, integrated workflow for parameter optimization of thermoelastic machine tool models
M. Benesch

052 Precise machine tool column thermal deformation reduction applying fluid cooling
Z. Winiarski, J. Jedrzejewski, H. Ha

Session on compensation and correction of thermal errors

017 Examination of cooling systems in machine tools regarding system structure and control strategies
C. Steiert, Ju. Weber, J. Weber

020 Investigation on transient thermal discharge from machine tool to the ambient temperature
K. Mori, M. Matsubara

022 Handling ambient temperature changes in correlative thermal error compensation
C. Naumann, A. Geist, M. Putz

026 Investigation on thermal deformation in laser additive manufacturing
Y. Kuroiwa, D. Kono, Y. Oda

048 Prediction of thermal errors in machine tools through decoupled simulations using genetic algorithm and artificial neural networks
T. Suresh Kumar, J. Glänzel, M. Bergmann, M. Putz

029 Comparison of methods for controlled thermal deformations in machine tools
A. P. Kuznetsov, H. J. Koriath

009 Enhancement of specialised vertical turning lathe accuracy through minimisation of thermal errors depending on turning and milling operations
M. Mareš, O. Horejš

044 Optimal temperature sensor placement for error compensation of distributed thermal effects
N. Colinas-Armijo, B. Iñigo, L. N. López de Lacalle, G. Aguirre

Session on modeling and simulation

011 Prediction of thermal growth in a high-speed spindle by considering thermo-mechanical behavior
E. Yuksel, E. Budak, E. Ozlu, A. Oral, F. Igrek, F. Tosun

018 Discontinuous drilling of Inconel 718
T. Wolf, I. Iovkov, D. Biermann

040 Model order reduction methods for coupled machine tool models
J. Vettermann, S. Sauerzapf, A. Naumann, M. Beitelschmidt, R. Herzog, P. Benner, J. Saak

Session on thermal interactions between workpiece, tool, machine

012 Unidirectional coupled finite element simulation of thermoelastic TCP-displacement through milling process caused heat load
S. Brier, J. Regel, M. Putz, M. Dix

016 In-process measurement and numerical determination of the temperature in the contact zone during single lip deep hole drilling
R. Wegert, V. Guski, H.-C. Möhring, S. Schmauder

037 Thermal influence on the surface integrity during the single-lip deep hole drilling of steel components
J. Nickel, N. Baak, P. Volke, F. Walther, D. Biermann

049 A proposal for a systematization and taxonomy of methods to rectify thermally induced errors on existing machine tools
C. Gißke, T. Albrecht, H. Wiemer, W. Esswein, S. Ihlenfeldt